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Course Details


      North South
Month Course   Dates Dates
March Orientation   2nd-3rd  
  Printing   31st 2nd April
April Wet-end Chemistry   27-28th 30-1st May
  Process Control   20-21st 23-24th
  Coating   6-7th
May Safety   11th-12th 14th-15th
  Engineering   18th-19th 21st-22nd
  Orientation   4th-5th
June Finishing   1-2nd 4th-5th
  Tissue   8-9th 11th-12th
  Orientation   29th-30th


Next Courses: Orientation Course in Papermaking

4-5th May, 2009: DeVere White Hotel, Horwich, Bolton. £500 per delegate Reserve a place

29-30th June, 2009: Kent venue. £500 per delegate

Courses throughout 2009

Orientation Course in Papermaking (2nd-3rd March and 4-5th April) £500

This excellent course provides paper industry employees, papermill suppliers and people who buy, sell, print or otherwise use paper, with a comprehensive, broad-based insight into the processes involved in a modern paper mill. Course attendees will complete the course having achieved a thorough understanding of the factors which make a paper production unit tick and a firm understanding of the basics of the technology of the various pieces of machinery and how it all fits together.. knowledge which can take a long time to piece together otherwise.

The course contents are geared to covering all of the major operations and a brief section on the history of papermaking examines how the industry has evolved into its present day form.

This very popular course is given by Dr Steve Mann, who has a wealth of experience in Papermaking, having worked in papermills, for suppliers and for many years as a highly respected trainer for the CPI and Bury College and in conjunction with the national accreditation of awards body. Steve has a PhD in Paper Science and has been working in the industry for 27 years. Steve also delivers international training on behalf of the Gernsbach School in several European countries

Wet-end Chemistry: £250 per attendee day

Dates: Introductory courses: Bolton: 26th April, Kent: 23rd April

Dates: Intermediate courses: Bolton: 27-28th April, Kent: 30th April-1st May   

This course is available in either the introductory one day course or the 2 day format which is at intermediate level. It is particularly applicable to mill personnel who wish to gain a better understanding of the many chemicals that play such a vital role in modern papermaking. It is also relevant to chemical suppliers, who may have detailed knowledge of one product and wish to extend their knowledge to cover a broader range of chemicals.

The course explains which chemicals are used in the papermaking process, what they do and how they can affect paper properties. It also gives guidance on typical addition sequences and handy tips for optimisation and control of chemical additions, which is a valuable money saving bonus.

The course can either be taken as a 3 day course combining the introductory and the intermediate level or in sections, whichever is most suitable.

Introductory Printing Course (One day): £250

31st March: DeVere Hotel, Bolton check availability

2nd April: Newbury check availability

The introductory printing course brings together in a one day format, all of the important aspects which are important in the sphere of printing operations.

It is intended for anyone who works with printers, either sourcing printing or perhaps as a paper supplier to printers.

The course covers printing techniques such as litho, flexo, gravure, screen and digital. It then moves to explain the main characteristics of each process in terms of the type of product produced and substrate range and quality. After the main types of proofing have been discussed, the course progresses to a session on print finishing and image protection measures.

The course presenter is Norman Faulkner, who is well known for his work in the arena of print training, having given courses for Swansea University and having been involved in practical printing matters for the majority of his career.